Welcome to SubQual, LLC. We provide subcontractor prequalification services on subcontractors to participating General Contractors who use subcontractor default insurance programs.

The people at SubQual, LLC have been providing subcontractor prequalification services for General Contractors since 2002. Our purpose is to make the prequalification process easier for the subcontractor while providing information to General Contractors to use in the subcontractor selection process.

We use our SubQualŽ database to collect and store qualifying information submitted by subcontractors. Participating General Contractors may then access the SubQualŽ database to determine which prequalified subcontractors may be suitable for a particular job. Instead of filling out and submitting multiple prequalification forms and information to various General Contractors, a subcontractor provides the information once, thus reducing the amount of time it takes to be prequalified and be on the bid lists for these General Contractors.

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