A general contractor’s (GC) success depends upon selecting reliable and highly qualified subcontractor partners. For this reason, SubQual, LLC was established to pre-qualify subcontractors for General Contractors that use Subcontractor default insurance programs. This allows the GC’s to confidently build their teams and to deliver top quality projects on time and under budget.

How the Pre-Qualification Process Works

Becoming a pre-qualified subcontractor is easy. Just complete the Online Prequalification Form. Any questions can be directed to our Prequalification Department at 1-800-407-6192.

Information from your prequalification statement may be shared only with the GC’s that are subscribers to SubQual. This information is maintained in a database for the GC’s to review and select subcontractors.

Please note financial statements are required if you want to be prequalified for more than $250,000. The actual financial statements you provided to SubQual are kept confidential and are not open to the GC’s or any other party unless SubQual receives written permission from an officer of your company. SubQual will use the financial statements to prepare financial ratios. The ratios and the information provided on the pre-qualification form and the letter from your surety, will allow each GC to independently establish their maximum per project contract limit for the subcontractors.

The Advantages of being Pre-Qualified

Being pre-qualified to bid on projects has multiple advantages. First, you are placed on a list of available subcontractors for your specialty work to be considered when the general contractor is putting together a bid.

Second, you know that the other subcontractors working with you on a project are qualified to perform their specialty and have adequate financial resources to complete their work.

The other major advantage is the ability to use Subcontractor Default Insurance, a subcontractor default insurance program that is used in lieu of performance and payment bonds. Using Subcontractor Default Insurance frees up subcontractors’ bonding capacity so that it can be used for other projects.

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